Videa - Ginetta G40R

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Ginetta G40R

Videa Model: G40R


Version courte Ginetta G40R ( 2 mod

Ginetta G40R ( 2 mod

1 minut : 17 sekund

Ginetta G12 YAC Cosworth

1 minut : 56 sekund

Gangnam Style (China Style) Parody

Chinese Style is a pretty cool interpretation of Gangnam style and just for fun say "(For China)" really really quick ;) I hope you enjoy the Video! This video does NOT belong to me, it is created by ...

6 minut : 57 sekund

もしもアナタがG12と暮らし始めたなら♪ 2

ginetta g12 への乗り込み。 腰を痛めないよう、注意注意。

1 minut : 9 sekund

A break in the Ginetta Factory tour for donuts

Looks like a the Ginetta team get a few perks with their job :)

1 minut : 1 sekund

Dacia Duster vs Ginetta G40R

What's fastest around our very wet, very low-grip circuit: The 105bhp, 1.6-litre petrol, four-wheel drive Dacia Duster, or the 200bhp, 2.0-litre petrol, rear-wheel drive Ginetta G40R? See high-res pic...

5 minut : 16 sekund

Ginetta G40R premier contact

Visite détaillée d'une des premi

3 minut : 22 sekund

Ginetta Factory Tour

A (very) quick tour of the Ginetta factory, get an insight into how we make the cars that you can drive to victory!

2 minut : 9 sekund

Ginetta - Just Drive

Highlights from the 2010 Race Season Music: Alistair Griffin- Just Drive

2 minut : 45 sekund

The World's Best Supercars Drive By A collection of the world's best supercars drive by at the Goodwood Festival Of Speed 2011 Ferrari FF Ferrari California Ferrari 458 Italia Audi R8 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Chevrolet Cam...

5 minut : 53 sekund