Videa - Ginetta G27

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Ginetta G27

Videa Model: G27

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Ginetta G 50 Nürburgring Nordschleife 2011

More Videos: Facebook: Google+ : VLN Langstreckenmeisterschaft Nürburgring Nordschleife VLN Endurance Championship Nurburgring Nordschleife Date: 01.04...

1 minut : 11 sekund

AMAZING SOUND Morgan +8 straight pipes (VERY LOUD) Plus 8

A 1973 Morgan +8 with straight pipes (without mufflers). Crazy loud when hearing it in real life. 3.5L Rover/Buick Aluminium V8 revs up to 6000rpm 190bhp

2 minut : 24 sekund

Gran Turismo 5 Seasonal Event 500PP World Classic Car Series Eiger Nordwand Short Course Camaro Z28

New Seasonal Event Series! 500PP World Classic Car Series. For this series I decided to use the Chevrolet Camaro Z28 '69. It sounds fantastic when you get near the rev limiter. The PP (Performance Poi...

8 minut : 12 sekund

rFactor2 | F1 | Croft | TT

G27, no aids Time trial on Croft with F1. DL :

2 minut : 22 sekund

【TDU2】シーケンシャルvsHパターン ジネッタ編

ゲームパッドの変速速度と、マニュアルクラッチHシフトの比較です。 これでハンコンの有利さがわかるはず さあ今すぐG27を買うんだ!

2 minut : 5 sekund

Nigel Mansell Ginetta Zytek Red 5 Le Mans Series Silverstone 2009 1

This is a video of Nigel Mansell driving the Ginetta Zytek Red 5 at the Le Mans Series Silverstone 2009 event. This is video 1 of 2. I filmed this at the Start finish staight just after the start. Ple...

20 sekund

Isle of Man TT

A lap round the isle of man TT circuit on Mad Sunday

9 minut : 18 sekund

Passing Chris

My Ginetta G27R out-drags Chris Blewett's 1960's, pre-crossflow Ginetta G4 through the Esses in the May 2009 Ginetta Heritage race at Mallory Park.

25 sekund

Spa Summer Classic 2010 030.MOV Part 1

Jez started the race from pole in Mark Hobb's beautiful Crossle 9S, drive through penalty dropped us back through the field, then drive back to 2nd place by Jez with Mark taking over at half distance,...

27 sekund

Heath Robinson Twin Turbo Rover V8

Only tickover for the mo! Rover V8 engine from SD1, rehashed intercoolers from 2 Ren 5 Gt turbos, pair turbos from Audi S4, inj from Range Rover, homemade manifolds, exhaust system etc etc. Emerald EC...

16 sekund

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