Vozidlo Ginetta G20 2.0

Model Ginetta G20 2.0
Majitel clivedix
Rok 2004 (13 let)
Motor benzín
4-válec, 2 000 ccm
Převodovka Manuální 5-rychlostní

Rebuilt with new parts in June 2014, new 2.0 Zetec, aluminium gearbox bell housing Race line sump and water rail, stainless exhaust, new 27 litre aluminium tank, Emerald K6 ECU, Jenvey 45mm throttle bodies, new loom too many new parts to mention, no donor parts.... 35 miles on the clock only....

Registrován 2014-06-13 (3 let, 2 měsíců)
Shlédnutí 2 452x
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Rewired, ECU Mapped

shed 30 KG and extra 55 hp, this looks like a new car and stripped back bare and built with lots of new components will be out for a run tomorrow all wired with a professional quality loom , full build history 5K spent, did this without any reference points and within 5 weeks, original took 3 years to complete and looked like a rush job

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2014-06-13 clivedix Chassis repainted, was in good order but now like new, body fitted and lined up correctly

Road Legal 2004 registered 38 miles only !

Was purchased as a kit in 2001 and not built until 2004, build was rushed with donor parts and wiring a mess, acquired vehicle in May and within 5 weeks transformed into an exceptional example

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This is how the car was originaly built

Fitted with 1.8 litre Zetec, heavy bell housing, bad wiring and cooling rail that rested on the exhaust

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wait for the next picture showing rework

note the state of the wiring, this passed the registration test like this

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Nearly there !!

new 2.0 engine direct from factory, new bell housing ( Raceline) new ater rail and Raceline Sump, Jenveys and emerald ECU

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