Video - Silverstone • Ginetta G55 • Bond Fitness • Pre Race

Videa Ginetta G55 Silverstone • Ginetta G55 • Bond Fitness • Pre Race

Silverstone • Ginetta G55 • Bond Fitness • Pre Race

Final race preparations at Silverstone Saturday 15th October 2011 - Ginetta G55 series - Bond Fitness working with the drivers to ensure peak performance! With a purpose-built fitness space, and mobile Personal Training service, Bond Fitness (based in Hertford, Hertfordshire), are ideally placed to offer effective, innovative and enjoyable training to all those looking to lose weight, get fitter, improve their sports performance and generally improve their life! For more info, call 0845 07 03 007, or visit Connect with us on Facebook Keep up-to-date with us on Twitter: Check out our other You-Tube videos:

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