Video - Ginetta Challenge - Silverstone 9th Oct

Videa Ginetta G40 Ginetta Challenge - Silverstone 9th Oct

Ginetta Challenge - Silverstone 9th Oct

View from Arena Grandstand. Since its launch in 2010 the G40 has been named Autosport National Car of the Year 2010, and winner in class at the Britcar 24hr, when it was driven to Silverstone, raced for 24hrs and then driven home again. The Ginetta Challenge Championship represents a low cost opportunity to become involved in competitive motor racing in the Ginetta G40 race car. The Championship is a one make series updated for 2008 with sealed Ford Zetec 1.8 litre engines, sealed gearboxes and differentials. Combined with controlled tyres and suspension parts, this ensures that it is the most popular, cost effective but competitive racing series in Britain. The 2011 series is composed of 20 rounds over 10 dates as part of the support package for the British GT/Formula 3 and two stand alone BARC Truck Festivals.

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