Video - 2012 Britcar Championship Round 7 Snetterton

Videa Ginetta G40 2012 Britcar Championship Round 7 Snetterton

2012 Britcar Championship Round 7 Snetterton

It was a slightly depleted grid which formed up for the last race of hot, gruelling weekend, and the morning's qualifying session had seen some casualties; the engine in Nigel Ainge's Honda Integra blew just as co-driver Mike Jordan was setting his fastest times (though still nearly two seconds adrift of class pole-snatcher Carl Breeze), and the Seat Supercopa of David and Rex Nye was withdrawn after suffering mechanical issues, vacating its spot on the second row. The Lohen Mini Cooper blew a head gasket right at the start of the session, causing a red flag, but the team set-to and fixed the problem, lining up on the back of the grid. Micheal Symons was the pole-sitter this time, his time in the BMW E36 being 0.619 seconds ahead of the Clarke/Gibson E46, with the Cunningham's Seat Supercopa a further one and a half seconds adrift. Class 3 saw some repaired cars in the top spots -- a new diff case on the Piranha Ginetta G40, which claimed class pole ahead of the Cockill brothers' Civic, itself with a new clutch.



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