Video - 1986 - Birmingham Superprix - The F3000 race

Videa Ginetta G29 1986 - Birmingham Superprix - The F3000 race

1986 - Birmingham Superprix - The F3000 race

The first Halfords Birmingham Superprix (25/08/86) In 1985, the Birmingham City Council passed the Birmingham Road Race Bill, which allowed the Birmingham Superprix for Formula 3000 cars to be held on a circuit of closed streets near the city centre for two days during the August Bank Holiday. Previously, all motor racing on the public streets of mainland Britain had been outlawed (unless specifically allowed for in private legislation). The first Superprix was held in 1986 and was subjected to torrential rain. After extensive delays, this first race was run to a reduced distance. This is a highlights version of the F3000 race. The 9th race of the 1986 F3000 season. Thank you to the Autosport magazine for plugging this video clip in their recent magazine.

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