Videa - Ginetta G60

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Ginetta G60


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Ginetta G60

Engine: 3.7 Litre V6 Power: 231 kW (310 bhp) Top Speed: 264 km/h (165 mph)+ 0-10...

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Découverte de la Ginetta G60

La toute nouvelle Ginetta G60 dans le détail. Une des premi

2 minut : 43 sekund
Batley Brag 2012 - Part 2

Part 2 of the Batley Brag, a charity event which was held on the 22nd September ...

11 minut : 32 sekund
Batley Brag 2012 - Part 1

Yesterday was the Batley Brag Performance Car Meet at the Batley Frontier. Some ...

12 minut : 7 sekund
Phoenix Park Races 2012 - GTs

Onboard with Barry Rabbitt at the wheel of Dave Clarkes Supercharged Golf. Finis...

3 minut : 39 sekund
Avería G60

Corrado G60 que no arranca. Bujias e inyectores nuevos, cableado de inyectores s...

38 sekund
Dave Vitty Reviews His Ginetta G60 Loan

'Comedy' Dave Vitty returned his loaned G60 to Ginetta HQ in Leeds on Wednesday ...

1 minut : 31 sekund
Dave Vitty Commandeers A Ginetta G60 For A Road Trip

Radio One presenter Dave Vitty headed to the Ginetta factory in Leeds on Monday ...

57 sekund
Vince Cable visits the LNT Group

Yorkshire entrepreneur and Chairman of Ginetta Cars, Lawrence Tomlinson has push...

1 minut : 36 sekund
Doughnut in a Ginetta G60

Hmmmm, Doughnuts... Mike Simpson is caught taking the Ginetta G60 for quite a sp...

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